Nous recrutons/Intervenants

Nous recrutons/Intervenants

               The Chatter Box recherche un enseignant capable de préparer les élèves pour les examens TOEIC IELTS ou Cambridge. Le tarif horaire est de 27€ pour les cours particuliers + 25€ par mois pour la préparation.
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Job Advert

               The Chatter Box is looking for a new teacher to join the team in September 2023.

               I am particularly looking for someone available on Wednesday (all day), after school hours from Monday to Friday (from 4.30pm) and if possible Saturday mornings.

               The classes will only be private tutoring, no groups. They will sometimes take place at the Chatter Box in the 8th area of Marseille (Ste Anne) but mainly at the student’s home or company.

               The students are either kids (from the age of 3), teens or adults.

               If you are qualified CELTA or TEFL for instance it would be appreciated but having a few years’ experience and enjoying to teach is the most essential.

Advantages in workingfor The Chatter Box:

               The hourly rate will be 27€ + an extra 25€ a month for group preparation.

               The school is located in a pleasant area of Marseille where it is easy to park (free and available) and easily accessible by public transport.

               The students/ pupils are friendly and the kids well-behaved (most of the time 😊!)

               The students or children’s parents sign a yearly contract which means you know how many hours you will get during the school year.

               The Chatter Box is a unique place by its design. It doesn’t look like any other school. People feel at home in Great Britain when they come for their classes.

               It is a teacher owned and run school so there is a lot of material to work with and we follow various methods of Oxford or Cambridge. Personally I also teach students of different ages every day. Therefore I need my teachers to be very reliable, organised, autonomous and with great communication skills.

To sum up : You will be working with me and not for me in a pleasant area, in a nice place with friendly students and you will be part of a great team.





            Dans l’onglet “Intervenants” (voir menu), vous trouverez le prénom de chaque professeur avec ses spécificités propres.

            Chaque professeur a été recruté de manière à combler les attentes de chacun.

            En effet, les besoins et l’approche ne sont pas les mêmes, selon que vous soyiez, de jeunes enfants, des adolescents ou des adultes.

            Le rythme de tout un chacun est différent : les uns parleront de façon spontanée, alors que d’autres auront des difficultés grammaticales ou n’oseront pas s’exprimer, et les derniers peineront avec le vocabulaire.


Si vous cliquez sur chaque nom individuellement,

               Vous en saurez un peu plus en ce qui concerne  nos différentes intervenantes et connaître ainsi leurs pays d’origine.